[weə] 1. past tense - wore; verb
1) (to be dressed in or carry on (a part of) the body: She wore a white dress; Does she usually wear spectacles?) nositi
2) (to arrange (one's hair) in a particular way: She wears her hair in a pony-tail.) nositi
3) (to have or show (a particular expression): She wore an angry expression.) imeti
4) (to (cause to) become thinner etc because of use, rubbing etc: This carpet has worn in several places; This sweater is wearing thin at the elbows.) oguliti
5) (to make (a bare patch, a hole etc) by rubbing, use etc: I've worn a hole in the elbow of my jacket.) narediti
6) (to stand up to use: This material doesn't wear very well.) biti trpežen
2. noun
1) (use as clothes etc: I use this suit for everyday wear; Those shoes won't stand much wear.) nošenje
2) (articles for use as clothes: casual wear; sportswear; leisure wear.) oblačila
3) ((sometimes wear and tear) damage due to use: The hall carpet is showing signs of wear.) obraba
4) (ability to withstand use: There's plenty of wear left in it yet.) trpežnost
- wearer
- wearing
- worn
- wear away
- wear off
- wear out
- worn out
* * *
I [wʌ/ə]
nošenje, oblačenje, način oblačenja; noša, obleka; moda; obraba, trganje, guljenje (obleke); trajnost, trpežnost
foot-wear — obutev
household wear — domača obleka
for autumn wear — za nošenje v jeseni
for hard wear — (obleka) za delo, za štrapac
wear and tear — naravna obraba; economy odpis za zmanjšanje vrednosti
in general wear — v modi, modern
evening wear — večerna obleka
the worse for wear — obrabljen, ponošen, ki se ne da več obleči; colloquially vinjen, pijan
of never-ending wear — neobrabljiv, neuničljiv
there is still a great deal of wear in it — to se da še dobro nositi
there's a lot of wear left in my dress — moja obleka se bo lahko še dolgo nosila
the coat I have in wear — plašč, ki ga navadno nosim
the rug shows wear — preproga je obrabljena
II [wʌ/ə]
transitive verb
nositi (na sebi), imeti na sebi; figuratively nositi neko čast; ponositi, oguliti; utruditi, izčrpati; figuratively glodati;
intransitive verb
nositi se, držati se, biti trajen (trpežen), vzdržati; obrabiti se, oguliti se, trošiti se; vleči se, počasi iti mimo, bližati se koncu, miniti; figuratively postati
worn cloths — obrabljena, ponošena, oguljena obleka
a worn joke — stara, obrabljena šala
to wear black — nositi črno obleko, biti črno oblečen
to wear the breeches (trousers, pants) colloquially nositi hlače, biti gospodar (o ženi v zakonu)
her courage wore thin — pogum ji je polagoma upadel
to wear the crown — nositi krono, figuratively biti kralj; religion postati mučenik
to wear one's coat to rags — oguliti svoj suknjič
their friendship has worn well — njihovo prijateljstvo se je dobro držalo
to wear the gown figuratively biti pravnik
to wear one's hair curled — nositi (imeti) nakodrane lase
to wear one's heart on the sleeve figuratively reči vse, kar nam je na srcu, biti preveč iskren
to wear s.o. in one's heart — biti komu vdan, nositi koga v svojem srcu
to wear horns figuratively biti rogonosec (varan soprog)
to wear a hole in — dobiti luknjo (v obleki) od obrabe
to wear a pair of shoes comfortable — iznositi, uhoditi (svoje) čevlje
to wear well — dobro se nositi; biti mladega videza; vzdržati, prenesti kritiko
he wears well — ne bi mu prisodili njegove starosti, videti je mlajši
she wears her years well — dobro nosi svoja leta, videti je mlajša (kot je v resnici)
to wear the petticoat colloquially biti copatar, biti pod copato
to wear thin — postati oguljen; figuratively postati slab (medel, mlahav); zbledeti, izgubiti se, izginiti
to wear white — oblačiti se v belo, biti belo oblečen
he is worn by care — skrb ga gloda, grize
the day wears to an end — dan se bliža kraju, polagoma mineva
she wears on me — ona mi gre na živce
III [wʌ/ə]
obračanje proti vetru
IV [wʌ/ə]
transitive verb
obračati proti vetru (ladjo); intransitive verb obračati se proti vetru
V [wíə]
see weir jez; vrša (za ribolov)

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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